TACmonitor – Modbus

To facilitate the integration of GLOBAL AHU’s into a BMS system, we have developed a software package, called ‘TACmonitor’.  The TACmonitor software can be used on any Windows computer.  To use this software package, a kit is needed. The kit (CID360035) contains: SAT Modbus, USB interface cable, Micro SD Card and a Micro SD to SD converter. The kit CID360035 is available from stock.


With the TACmonitor software connected to the GLOBAL air handling unit, a total of 12 separate screens are available in the TACmonitor software. When applicable, the fields are read/write:


  1. Communication config: Baud rate, Parity, Address, Port, communication type
  2. Visualization of parameters, Read Only (temperatures, pressures, flows, configuration)
  3. Overview of all inputs and outputs
  4. Control mode configurations
  5. Alarm list, sub-divided into 5 sections
  6. Basic setup
  7. Advanced setup
  8. Product setup
  9. Tim schedule settings
  10. Seasonal management
  11. LAN settings
  12. Mapping settings


TACmonitor software:         

Modbus documentation:   




TACmonitor – Modbus