Prewired COMPO units

The COMPO product range offering has been complemented with prewired COMPO units.


The prewiring is available for units type “U” and “M”. The prewiring is not available for units type “P”. Included in the prewiring option are accessories like the circuit board (CB2 TAC5), the coils control board (SAT BA/KW), the power switch (IG20) and the power and control cables for the fan(s).  Since those components are included in the cost of the option, they do not have to be selected additionally to the prewiring option. All these accessories are installed and prewired. The wiring is compliant the the directive “VDI100”. The main control board is installed on the main access door.  The unit is fitted with four hinges on this door.  The hinges will facilitate access to the fan / coil compartment. 


Since COMPO units are always supplied in separate section (when applicable), the wiring will be limited to the central compartment, containing the fan(s), coils and prefilter (when applicable). Components external to the central comparment (e.g. motorized damper), will not be prewired in factory.


Prewiring is not available on the sizes “P1” and “P2”, because of the fact that they are to low for the electrical cabinet to be mounted on the side panel.  Because of this fact, we decided that we could not determine a universally accepted default position for for the electrical cabinet.  Since standardisation wasn’t possible, we decided not to propose factory wiring on the sizes “P1” and “P2”.


A complete wiring diagram for wiring COMPO units has also been posted.  You can download it here.





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Prewired COMPO units