P. Lemmens is a Belgian company founded in 1977 by Pierre Lemmens that has been specialising in air movement control technologies for over 39 years. It all began with the development and production of direct drive centrifugal fans. Nowadays, Lemmens has grown, and is also developing and producing entire, high-tech ventilation handling units, including heating, cooling, and air conditioning solutions.

The P. Lemmens Company joined the SWEGON Group in July 2014. The company employs a team of over 50 people in modern buildings with more than 7,500 m² of floor space, and focuses on developing and producing intelligent products relating to air movement.

The Lemmens meticulousness and professionalism is everywhere, be it at the development stage, the production stage, or even during the distribution of our products.

The Total Airflow Control (TAC) technology developed by P. LEMMENS present in the whole product range, from the simple CUBUS or DAC series to much more sophisticated heat recovery ventilation units such as the HRGLOBAL, HRMURAL, HRFLAT or HRTOTAL this undoubtedly one of the sources of its success.

P. Lemmens and its TAC technology became a major reference in ventilation, and now distributes its products throughout Europe.

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Prewired COMPO units

The COMPO product range offering has been complemented with prewired COMPO units.   The prewiring is available for units type “U” and [...]

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The technical drawings for both product ranges MURAL PX and GLOBAL PX FW have now been added. They have been added in “DWG”-format [...]

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Filter dimensions

In order to facilitate the order handling of locally ordered filters, a complete list of filter dimensions has been published on our website.  [...]

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New GLOBAL LP FW technical cataloge

The updated technical cataloge for the “GLOBAL LP FW” product range has now been posted.  Currently, this document is only available [...]

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