Double Flow Ventilation


    100 - 6000 m³/h
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    The HR Global , is a high efficient unit designed for airflow from 100 to 6000m³/h. This highly configurable ventilation unit offers multiple options (internal pre-heater, post-heater, motorized dampers,..) , it is completely factory pre-wired which makes this Plug&Play unit very easy to install. Be it installed indoor or outdoor or even with its air connections on the top, this counter flow heat exchanger unit is controlled by the new TAC5 regulation.


    200 -9000 m³/h
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    The GLOBAL RX equipped with a high efficient rotary heat exchanger is designed for higher air flow at very competitive prices. With a flow rate from 200 to 9000 m³/h and the possibility of a large range of options this unit can be installed indoor or outdoor and is equipped with the new TAC5 regulation.


    50 - 2000 m³/h
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    The Global LP is a very thin high efficient counter flow heat exchanger unit with low sound levels, specially designed to be integrated in false ceilings. Designed in 5 models with flow rate from 50 to 2000m³/h, a lot of possible options and with the new TAC5 regulation system, this Global LP is especially appropriate in installations where space is optimized.


    30-1200 m³/h
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    The Mural provides high efficiency ventilation for small air flow at very competitive prices. Designed in 6 metallic casing and in two PPE casing for flow range from 30 to 1200 m³/h, the HR MURAL is a very compact unit that can be hanged on the wall or placed on the ground. Available in a top version, the unit can also be provided for indoor or outdoor applications. The TAC5 regulation allows a great control of all parameters.

  • ClassUnit PX

    1000 m³/h
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    The ClassUnit PX is a double flow high efficiency heat recovery unit specially designed for classroom applications.

    This decentralized solution is very easy to install on walls and is suitable for school renovation.