Our values

Rigor and teamwork, we aim for the long term...

We start from the principle that in an organization everything is interconnected, and that organization rises from the original chaos (emergence) through an ongoing adaptive process of the organization aiming at efficiency (chaos theory)... This as opposed to a rigid, systemic concept of the organization.

"Because of the nail, the iron was lost. Because of the iron, the horse was lost. Because of the horse, the rider was lost. Because of the rider, the message was lost. Because of the message, the battle was lost. Because of the battle, the war was lost. Because of the war, freedom was lost. All this for a simple nail. »
Benjamin Franklin's maxim

Tasks must be correctly done at the first attempt. Our work philosophy is based on this belief, allowing to offer the best conditions to the customer.

A team of competent and motivated coworkers make every effort to achieve this goal. Our company is customer oriented; at all levels of the organization individuals organize their activity, develop their skills and enhance the product in order to offer the best answer to the customer's needs. The client's needs guide our work.

Once the need identified, a range of means is available:

  • accurate technical and pricing calculation algorithms,
  • instant availability of accurate data (thanks to the MIS software),
  • a clear and structured website,
  • a very flexible production management system,
  • perfect knowledge of the range by everyone involved,
  • easy access to the right contact,
  • facilitated communication between departments
  • a quadri-lingual commercial team,
  • a performant laboratory,
  • constant training of personnel, direct contacts with our suppliers/partners,
  • etc...

allow us to respond quickly and accurately.

This concept of the human organization and its size is inspired by the concept of ISO9000 quality, in the sense that we keep the advantages of the rigor while avoiding the disadvantages of the rigidity, and by the corporate philosophy described in Schumacher’s manifest 'Small is Beautiful' (E.F Schumacher, 1973).

Our customers first speak to individuals, who then operate in a structured organization on which they can act…

Customer Oriented Manufacturing

The organization of the production is structured so as to ensure a flexible and quick, small and medium sized quantity manufacturing, be they fans or small air handling units.

In order to meet the requirements of quality and delivery time of our customers, we have an ‘oversized’ stock of components and semi-assembled products. We have developed a unique method of producing our AHUs based on modular standardization and instant availability of useful information for each phase of the production, allowing extremely rapid and accurate adaptation to the needs.

Our flexibility and ability to adapt to the demands of the market are at the heart of our success.

  • Customer Oriented Manufacturing
  • Ability to adjust the production capacity (flexible labor and production methods)
  • Standardized Modular Production... based on products that are designed and structured to be assembled easily in a production process.
  • Short delivery times for assembled products (1-4 weeks depending on product)
  • 'Red thread' between Offer, Order, Order Confirmation, Production Order, Delivery Note, Invoice and Cashing in… everything is related. .
  • Computer-assisted planning, but not computer decided. Human intelligence prevails.
  • Efficient inventory management to supply assembly lines, with MIS
  • Production integrates Purchasing Services and logistics for a better control of the production chain.
  • Permanent informal communication between services (B. Franklin’s maxim).
  • Quality testing throughout the production process (formal and informal), product traceability.
  • Each AHU investigated an automated validation and logging results

Research and development

PLC has a will of rigour and consistency. This is why research and development have always been at the heart of its business. Therefore, the laboratory lies at the center of the organization and is regularly PLC’s best sales argument.

Thanks to the integration of the information generated by the R&D team through the MIS, all useful technical information (Quality Control results, new products development, comparative tests,..) are distilled to the various services in order to encourage a good cohesion of the activities.

The R&D team works in a strong collaboration with the Production team for the development of new products. This enhances the quality of the developed product but also ensures that products are designed in such a way that they can be efficiently produced (flexibility is efficiency), since it is essential to integrate the constraints of product performance with those of flexible production requirements in the equation.

Pragmatic scientific mastery of key values in domains such as airflow technology (fluid dynamics), heat transfer technology (thermodynamics), noise and vibration analysis, electronic controls are fundamental to our business.

To achieve this, we have developed a strategy of mixing internal knowledge (team with strong culture of product improvement, performing measurement hardware, fully automated airflow chamber, acoustic measurement room, highly trained and competent personnel,...) and outsourced skills (partnership contracts with specialized partners, privileged relationship with key suppliers and accredited measurement laboratories ,...).

In each domain of expertise we have ownership/control of developments but guarantee of disposing of top notch developments. The competitive environment is in constant evolution (chaos theory…), we believe this is the best way to swim with our head above these agitated waters.

All applications relating to the TAC technology, as well as all of our software's selection of devices have been entirely developed in our laboratories according to these principles.